In accordance with other South American nations it is high priced to complete company in Colombia.

company into the major towns and cities of Bogota and Cartagena is comparable to the expense in American and cities that are european.

Company facilities of Colombia concentrate on developing a contemporary company environment. Company etiquette is globally minded, yet still affected by Colombian norms that are cultural. Many company is relegated towards the towns. During these cities, those who work in the personal sector are far more advanced compared to other regions. There was a resulting class that is obvious between those individuals who have usage of training and company among others. Across all socioeconomic areas and regions, Colombians are difficult performing people who have a demonstrably strong work ethic.

Because of governmental and unrest that is social going outside the major towns and cities is done cautiously.

Colombian Company Attire

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Conventional company attire is normal in Colombia. The Colombians just simply simply take pride in being placed together and polished. Guys should wear matches in dark, basic colors. Females should wear very same, including womens matches and dresses that are professional. Be well groomed, constantly. Don’t be too casual.

Shoes are extremely essential. Try not to underestimate them. It really is never ever acceptable to put on athletic shoes outside of a context that is athletic. Dress footwear must be well looked after, keeping them refined and clean.

Females should do not be extremely fancy, though makeup products and heels would be the norm.


Daytime company is more usually suit-and-tie. Daytime meetingsincluding breakfasts that are working lunches, are popular. They take place in resorts and personal groups. Also outside of workplace environments, old-fashioned company attire is status quo.

Dinners evening

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Dinners and cocktail receptions are commonplace evening. The attire will probably become more relaxed. In case it is at a restaurant, it is advisable to look within the restaurant online or ask a concierge concerning the gown rule.

Language Obstacles in Colombia

Spanish is talked by the majority of Colombians. The exclusion is some small groups that are indigenous you may be not likely to encounter. Nevertheless, you can find a great quantity of dialects in line with the large numbers of social impacts through the Caribbean, European countries, and south usa.

Even though you learned Spanish, a translator will likely to be ideal for any discussion that is business-level. Colombians are friendly and social. You are able to probably handle shops and tourist-friendly areas having an amount that is reasonable of. But, local idioms and dialects could be challenging, particularly when youre involved with appropriate disputes.

Business Dishes and Socializing in Colombia

Company is individual in Colombia. Many business will minimize at some true point if predicated on e-mail, phone, or video-conferencing.

Individuals need to get to know and trust you before working. Face-to-face meetings are essential for business that is most. Relationship building could be the groundwork of every company in Colombia. Socializing and networking are crucial elements of Colombian company tradition. The necessity of working meals rests with this social value. Many dishes can last two to 3 hours.

They have been dedicated to their visitors having a time that is good. Usually do not hurry into business talk. It wont show the exact same desire for developing rapport.

Allow your counterparts that are colombian the business enterprise conversation.

Dining and Entertaining at Home

If you’re invited to someones house, it really is appropriate to carry a little present or plants when it comes to hostess. Avoid lilies or chrysanthemums since theyre flowers that are funerary.

Colombians value household above company associates. Family will usually simply just take priority. So, make sure to be in your most useful ways.

Colombian Dining Etiquette

Meal is considered the most meal that is important of time in Colombia. Breakfasts and dinners are usually lighter. Be equipped for a big, slow dinner. Extremely common to own company lunches, nevertheless they shall feel similar to dinner up to a foreigner.

Colombians take ways really really. If you’re male, utilize more traditional company ways towards females. For instance, obtaining the hinged door, standing during the dining dining dining table, and waiting to stay until after your organization.

Usually do not consume along with your arms. Stick with formal dining etiquette.

Continue to keep both tactile arms around the corner, but keep your elbows from the dining dining table. Resting your wrists or forearms up for grabs is acceptable.

The check is acquired by whoever provided the invite.

Colombian Business Etiquette


Company in Colombia is run traditionally with founded hierarchies. Choices can come from key senior workers. Those decision points can happen in-office, while dishes are for producing relationships that are personal. Those relationships are critical to business that is ongoing the choices in front of you.


Smile easily. Greeting everyone else with a grin is expected. There is no need become somber to be serious in Colombia.

Little talk will probably come during the start and end of conferences. Wanting to leave early or avoid chatting might be studied for rudeness.

Shake arms with everybody else whenever leaving or joining a team.


Be on timeand flake out. It’s important to be on time and energy to business conferences. That said, there is a 50-50 chance youll end up waiting as much as half an hour.

Time works differently. Some body may state they are going to get for your requirements the next day and perhaps perhaps not really do so before the in a few days. Be client nor just just just take this actually. Try not to commit to any such thing determined by those time commitments.

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Business Conferences

Colombians have a better speaking distance than many People in america and Europeans. Not surprisingly, they touch less often as compared to remainder of south usa.

Shake everyones tactile hand and laugh. Colombian ladies may grip the forearm instead of hand.

Enable socializing and individual discussion.

Allow Colombian counterpart bring up the company at hand.

Them translated into Spanish if you have materials, which are advisable, be sure to have. Bring sufficient for many attendees. Im Printed materials look at well.

Follow all business conferences by having a written memorandum or communication detailing the shows and results.