About Us


CORESIVA is an academy of learning and training

CORESIVA is an Arab online academy that consists of a passionate work team from various Arab countries, managing several educational and service platforms and projects, and strives to provide solutions and projects that meet the needs of the Arab user.


A course designed to suit your goals

We will give you a study plan that suits the time available to you, choose the appropriate level, and level progress reports, so that your educational journey begins with a correct and appropriate start.

Our 16-level interactive system

Our interactive system fits all levels from beginning to advanced, each level is divided into 6 educational units, in which there are many practical and interactive lessons and activities

Accredited certificate for each level you pass

Get an accredited certificate after each level you pass, these certificates are a good way to prove your level of English when applying to universities and jobs.

Apply what you have learned in group conversation classes

Live group lessons allow you to practice the language with real teachers and native English speakers and practice the language in action.